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Paul Wood

Will AI Destroy Photography?

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and the art of photography is certainly going to be affected. Let’s discuss what it means for the future of photography.

Paul Wood


DxO have recently added a DeepPRIME XD (eXtra Detail) algorithm to their raw processing software. Lets see how it compares to the regular DeepPRIME

Square Pixel Photography

How To Backup Your Photos

Having a solid file backup strategy is essential for any photographer. See how you can easily impliment your own 3-2-1 backup plan.

Paul Wood

Nikon Z7II for Wildlife Photography

Yesterday I took delivery of a brand new Nikon Z7II. I bought it with the intention of using it as my primary landscape camera, replacing my ageing D750. It is my first mirrorless camera and I will be pairing it with my trusty Nikon D500 which will (probably) remain my...

Paul Wood

On1 NoNoise AI vs Topaz Denoise AI & DxO DeepPRIME

Over the past twelve months or so, the race to have the best Noise Reduction software has been heating up. Recently On1 have entered the fray with their latest offering: NoNoise AI That’s right, yet another ‘AI’ powered noise reduction application. Before I get into a rant about the...

Paul Wood

Photoshop’s Super Resolution Explained and Compared

Adobe recently released an update to their ‘Adobe Camera Raw’ PhotoShop module that had a new feature that caught my interest. They call it ‘Super Resolution’. And it works well. Very well! What Is Super Resolution? Put simply, Super Resolution is a new way to make your photos larger (a...

Smoother Backgrounds With Topaz DeNoise AI

In my recent comparison between DxO’s new DeepPRIME vs Topaz DeNoise AI, it was clear that DeNoise AI doesn’t do as well with smooth backgrounds. You can read the DeepPrime vs DeNoise AI comparison here The Problem As you can see in the two images below, the background...

Should You Buy a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera in 2021?

Mirrorless cameras have been around for a few years now and the market is starting to get more mature. Most of the major players have several models to choose from, ranging from entry level to professional models. If you’re entering into the world of photography or even upgrading to...

Paul Wood

DxO PhotoLab 4’s Second Best New Feature

When DxO released the latest version of their PhotoLab software, there was much fanfare surrounding the DeepPRIME noise reduction software. It is now my go-to RAW converter when dealing with noisy images. (DeepPRIME is PhotoLab 4’s #1 new feature) However, I still use, and greatly prefer Adobe Lightroom to...

Should You Buy An M1 Mac for Photography?

Apple have just released three new computers with an M1 chip. Are they any good for photo editing machines? Since writing this article, Apple have released newer, more powerful machines that are absolutely powerful enough for photography tasks. Apple have very recently released three new computers based on their brand...

Paul Wood

Mac vs PC for Photography

So you've decided that you need a new photo editing machine, but you're not sure if you should go with a Windows based machine or spend the money on an Apple Mac? Let me help you decide.

Paul Wood

DxO PhotoLab 4 Integration with Lightroom

PhotoLab 4 is a RAW converter with class-leading optical correction and noise reduction algorithms. If you want to take advantage of this, but use Lightroom as your primary image catalogue you can do so pretty easily. We’ll show you how. DxO PhotoLab 4 is a high quality RAW converter....

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