My Feature Requests For Lightroom

Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile are all powerful image browsers and editors, but they aren't perfect. Let's see what I would like them to add.

December 18, 2023

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I have been using Lightroom since the first public beta. In my opinion it was one of the best leaps to making Post Processing accessible to a wide audience.

I have been following it’s development closely over the years.

With the recent addition of local folder browsing to Lightroom, I started thinking about what else might be missing from each edition of the software and came up with the list below.

A red missing feature is a ‘deal breaker’ that prevents me from switching from Lightroom Classic

An orange missing feature is one that I find limiting, but doesn’t stop me from using the software

Lightroom (Desktop) Feature Requests

With the October 2023 update that removes the reliance for all photos to be uploaded into the cloud and enabling local file browsing – I have started to investigate switching over to this new version.

Note, this is for the new Lightroom application, not Lightroom Classic

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Lightroom (Mobile) Feature Requests

I have a lot less experience with the Mobile version of Lightroom. I have however dabbled with it on occasion with my M2 Powered Ipad Pro.

All of the feature requests from the Desktop version also apply to the mobile versions, with the addition of the below:

Lightroom Classic Feature Requests

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I’ve been using Lightroom Classic since version 1. It has certainly become a very mature product with many new features added over time. There is very little that I personally would use.

What Else Is Missing?

Do you have other features that you wish were a part of the Lightroom suite of applications? I’d love to hear what they are. Please start a discussion below and we might even add them to the list.