About Us

Square Pixel Photography is run by me, Paul Wood, a passionate photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

Most of my photography is Nature, Wildlife or Landscape based, but I have also been known to point my camera towards human-made things from time to time.

If you’re interested, you can check out my work at Paul Wood Photography

Paul Wood Photography

Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography from Australia

The Story Behind Square Pixel Photography

I spend way too much time reading, researching, practicing and otherwise learning about photography not to share my knowledge.

I am a photography nerd, through and through.

I also spend a lot of time on the internet reading about the web, web development and other technology related topics.

I am a computer nerd as well as a photography nerd.

In addition, I also find that writing down what I’m learning about helps to cement the ideas in my brain.

So, from all of that – Square Pixel Photography was born. I use it to write about the things I learn about and in doing so, hopefully will help some other photographers out there.

I Hate Banner Advertising

Websites cost money to run, no doubt about that

Instead of charging people money to consume their content, many website owners go down the path of using banner ads to ‘monetise’ their blog. They might start with a few small adverts and see a little cash come in. They might then want to increase the cash-flow so add a few more adverts…

The next thing you know, visitors to the site have to scroll past, click through, dodge and otherwise try and work out which parts of the site are the content they came to read, and which are ads trying to trick them to ‘click here’ so the website owner can make a few dollars.

It’s a horrible user experience.

Instead of making people install ad blockers to be able to read what I’ve spent many hours writing… Square Pixel Photography has committed to keeping the site free from these banner ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Instead of banner ads, I use affiliate marketing to try and make enough money to cover the hosting costs of the site. Basically, some of the links within articles will make me a small amount of money if someone buys something after clicking them. It costs zero dollars for the reader, and helps to keep this site going.

Those sites with all of the banner ads plastered all over them…. they probably use affiliate links as well.

Every site that uses affiliate links runs the risk of being biased in their content to promote people to buy things… I am very conscious to never change an honest review just to encourage people to buy stuff. I didn’t create this site to make as much money as possible, I want to provide a trustworthy source of information for my readers.

Honesty beats potential income every time!

You can read the Square Pixel Photography Affiliate Disclaimer for more information

AI On Square Pixel Photography

All of the articles on Square Pixel Photography have been written by me. There is zero AI content in any of the article content on this site unless it is specifically mentioned within the article and is used for demonstration purposes.

I do however use some AI generated images outside of article content and I use AI to help with research.

You can read official Square Pixel Photography statement on the use of AI here