At Square Pixel Photography we have a simple aim: To provide you with information about Photography that will help you become a better photographer.

Who We Are

By who 'we' are, I mean who am 'I'

This website is run by just me, Paul Wood. I am a passionate photographer from Melbourne, Australia. My main interests are around nature and wildlife photography, but I am interested in everything relating to the world of photography.

You can see some of my photography over at my personal site: Paul Wood Photography

I started my photographic journey around 20 years ago and have spent way more time than I should have researching and refining my craft. I still consider myself a beginner.

What This Site Is About

The articles on this site are about... anything I find interesting from the world of Photography.

I won't write about things I know nothing about.

I won't write about something just because it will make the site money.

What This Site Isn't About

Square Pixel Photography isn't a hardware review site. Probably never will be. I don't have access to anything but the equipment I already own - and I don't have the means to be able to properly test that which I do own.

Why I Do It

I'd love to say that I do this so that I can quit my job, buy all the latest camera gear and travel the world to take photos.

That's not even within the realhms of possiblity.

In reality, I write articles because I find the topic interesting. I find that writing about a topic helps me both learn more about whatever it is, and also helps to better retain what I'm learning about.

My main aim with Square Pixel Photography is to make it a part of my photographic journey. If it helps some people out in the process - that's a bonus :)

How You Can Support Us

The best thing you can do is subscribe to the site.

As a free member you will have access to all of the articles I write, and at the moment - everything else on the site. You'll be able to comment on articles, recieve email updates. You'll probably see some ads (if you don't have an adblocker) in the article content

If you really want to help out then you can join one of the paid memberships. At the very least you'll remove the ads - but you'll also be directly helping pay for the website hosting costs to keep this site running.

Many articles I write also contain affiliate links. This is clearly stated at the top of the article if that is the case. If you buy something after clicking these links I will generally recieve a small comission from the sale. It won't cose you anything extra.