Our AI Usage Statement

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. After exploding spectacularly into the headlines in 2023, AI generated context has proliferated quickly across all aspects of the internet.

You really can’t trust that anything you read online hasn’t been generated by a robot

So where does Square Pixel Photography stand in this regard?

No Written AI Content

None of the articles or pages that you read on Square Pixel Photography have been generated by anything other than a person tapping words onto a keyboard.

There is zero written AI content on Square Pixel Photography

That’s exactly what an AI robot would say, right? Well… maybe… But I encourage you to run our articles through one of the many ‘AI detectors’ if you have any doubts.

AI Generated Images

None of the images within the articles we write are generated by AI unless we specifically call them out as examples of AI content.

However, some of the images we use as blog ‘hero’ images (the thumbnails you see in article lists and the first image on a page next to the title) are generated by AI tools.


Basically just to keep them interesting and varied. There are only so many screenshots of software or collages of images that I have in my collection, and not all of them suit what is being written about. When that is the case, I may turn to AI Image generators to give me a hand. It doesn’t ever affect the content of the articles and is never used to try and deceive or create ‘click-bait’

AI Research Tools

While there are zero AI generated words in the content of any articles, I do use AI tools when researching topics to write about and also to help gather information about certain topics.

These tools help pull together information from many different sources, summarises it and provides links so I can dig deeper into anything interesting that appears. In no way does the AI affect the written content of the article, it simply speeds up the research process.

AI Image Editing Tools

In the statement above I said there are zero AI generated images in the content of any article unless otherwise noted. That is 100% true.

In the interest of full transparency: I do use AI image editing tools, such as Topaz Photo AI, DxO PureRAW, Lightroom DeNoise, etc.

These AI Image editing tools use AI trained machine learning algorithms to provide noise reduction, sharpening, resizing, object removal, etc functions within image editors.

I don’t consider these to be in the same category as images created via purely Genarative AI models (where you type in what you want something to look like and the image generator will spit out a unique image, fully created by an algorithm). The editing tools that use machine learning to sharpen, denoise, etc images simply help to ‘enhance’ an image that already exists.

I know some photographers would disagree with me, which is why I am stating that use such tools in my photography here.