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Lightroom Local File Update. No More Catalogues!

Adobe have just made local file browsing possible from within Lightroom. This update opens up a new way of working with Lightroom and will address two long standing complaints about traditional Lightroom workflows.
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DxO have recently added a DeepPRIME XD (eXtra Detail) algorithm to their raw processing software. Lets see how it compares to the regular DeepPRIME
Screenshot of the DxO PureRAW 2 website.

DxO PureRaw 2: A Better Version of PureRAW

DxO just released a new version of PureRAW. Using plenty of imagination, they called it PureRAW2. I purchased it pretty quickly. Read on to find out why What is DxO PureRAW 2? If I told you that PureRAW is a…

DxO PhotoLab 4’s Second Best New Feature

When DxO released the latest version of their PhotoLab software, there was much fanfare surrounding the DeepPRIME noise reduction software. It is now my go-to RAW converter when dealing with noisy images. (DeepPRIME is PhotoLab 4’s #1 new feature) However,…

DxO PhotoLab 4 Integration with Lightroom

PhotoLab 4 is a RAW converter with class-leading optical correction and noise reduction algorithms. If you want to take advantage of this, but use Lightroom as your primary image catalogue you can do so pretty easily. We’ll show you how.…

Lightroom Workflow: 6 Simple Steps (Lightroom Classic)

Many newcomers struggle with finding an efficient Lightroom workflow that effectively transforms newly taken photos into finished products. How you work with your images is a very personal thing and will vary from photographer to photographer. Over the past 10…