Lightroom Feature Requests

My Feature Requests For Lightroom

Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile are all powerful image browsers and editors, but they aren't perfect. Let's see what I would like them to add.
A close up portrait of an echidna

Adobe AI Denoise Vs DxO DeepPRIME XD

See how Adobe's new AI powered Denoise algorithm stacks up against the class leading DxO DeepPRIME XD technology found in PhotoLab and PureRAW
A screenshot of the Lightroom Classic import screen

My 2023 Photography Workflow

Take a dive into how I process my images in 2023. See how I do things so you can create a workflow that works for you.
A screenshot of the Lightroom Classic import screen

How To Import Photos Into Lightroom Classic

Importing files into Lightroom can be a little daunting. In this article we run through each option and make recommendations to make you an import genius. Before you can start editing your photos in Lightroom you need to import them…

Lightroom Workflow: 6 Simple Steps (Lightroom Classic)

Many newcomers struggle with finding an efficient Lightroom workflow that effectively transforms newly taken photos into finished products. How you work with your images is a very personal thing and will vary from photographer to photographer. Over the past 10…