DPReview Lives On

So, you might have read my post about the photography site DPReview going away.

Now… if you’ve typed DPReview in your favourite search engine since then… you might have noticed that it is in fact still around.

So what’s going on?

DPReview Lives On

Well… in a move that surprised no one who has been paying attention:

DPReview has been taken over by a new team.


Gear Patrol are a media group who are experienced in running other ‘enthusiast’ publishing sites, have announced that it will now be business as usual for the DPReview site.

According to the email and press release, very little will change (at least in the short term) and DPReview will continue on as it has. Articles, forums, camera databases… it’s all there.

Time will tell to see how good (or not) a job they do with DPReivew and what (if any) changes are made.

I’m hoping things will return to the good old days when the articles weren’t clearly just pushing to try and sell things on Amazon (the previous owner). We shall see.