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1 Hero image showing a camera's exposure dial, the auto-ISO menu and a camera lens.

Manual Exposure with Auto ISO

Learn a fantastic exposure technique for action photography. What is floating ISO? How do you use it? When do you use it?

Adobe AI Denoise Vs DxO DeepPRIME XD

See how Adobe’s new AI powered Denoise algorithm stacks up against the class leading DxO DeepPRIME XD technology found in PhotoLab and PureRAW

Will AI Destroy Photography? The Impact of AI on the Future of Photos?

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and the art of photography is certainly going to be affected. Let’s discuss what it means for the future of photography.


DxO have recently added a DeepPRIME XD (eXtra Detail) algorithm to their raw processing software. Lets see how it compares to the regular DeepPRIME

How To Backup Your Photos Locally With GoodSync

Learn how to use GoodSync as part of your photography backup strategy. Use it to replicate your photos between two local drives.

How To Backup Your Photos

Having a solid file backup strategy is essential for any photographer. See how you can easily impliment your own 3-2-1 backup plan.

DxO PureRAW 3: What’s New

Take a look a what’s new in DxO PureRAW 3 and see if it is worth the upgrade.

The Software I Use

A list of the photography software I use in 2023 and an explanation of what I use each application for.

How to use Topaz Photo AI with Lightroom RAW Files

Let us show you the correct way to open a RAW file in Topaz Photo AI (yes, there is a wrong way!)