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Capture One Pro Just Got Cheaper For Nikon Users

Capture One Pro for Nikon has just been released. It is much cheaper than the full version.

This week the Capture One Pro team have released an update to their Capture One Pro software.

Included in the announcement is a new variant of the software designed to open Nikon RAW files (and only Nikon RAW files). The brand specific versions of the software can be purchased significantly cheaper than the full product.

Manufacturer Specific Versions

Capture one has been offered in Manufacturer specific versions for Sony and FujiFilm for quite some time. Now Photographers who use Nikon cameras can join the party.

When you purchase Capture One Pro for a specific manufacturer you get all of the features available in the ‘full’ version – the only restriction is that it will only open RAW files from cameras from that manufacturer.

If you use camera’s from multiple manufacturers you will need to buy the full version of the software.

Cost Savings

The Manufacturer specific versions of Capture One Pro come at a significantly cheaper cost than the full version.

Full VersionNikon Version
Australian Dollar$521 (perpetual)
$341 (subscription)
$225 (perpetual)
$173 (subscription)
US dollar$299 (perpetual)
$180 (subscription)
$129 (perpetual)
$99 (subscription)

Check It Out

Capture One Pro is available for download as a 30-day trial. Check it out at

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